​      For the past nine years, Chosen to Serve Ministries, DBA “CHOSEN”, has been traveling all over the eastern United States to sing and minister to people from all walks of life. We have also helped people financially that have been in emergency crisis.  In the very near future, we will be venturing out even farther so that we may begin to reach people world wide. 
      Our group has been blessed to be a featured guest on the nationally syndicated Bobby Jones Show on the BET Network as well as on the Word Network. We also hosted the National Singing Quartet Convention of America in August of 2010. Our CEO, Stan Parks was overseer of that project which brought more than 7,000 people to our community.
    During this short time, we have come to see the need for more assistance in and around our community. With the decreasing job rate and our rising economy, the citizens of our area are in dire need of support other than their own income. We recognize this and want to reach out to them and assist in their time of need.
     Our primary goal is to assist those in need of financial, food, and clothing assistance, and any other emergency crisis situation that may arise. We want our clients to understand that it’s alright to ask for help without feeling humiliated for being unable to provide for themselves or their families in their time of need on a short-term basis. We will do this from a biblical perspective and let them know that God loves them unconditionally and so do we.
Touching Thousands, One Soul at a Time